We Should Know Each Other

Calgary is full of amazing people. Come meet them.

More than a million people live in Calgary. How many have you met?

Since February 2008, local artist and community-builder Mark Hopkins has hosted ‘We Should Know Each Other’ parties in his living room, where hundreds of strangers have shared stories, laughter and new friendships.

‘We Should Know Each Other’ invites you to stretch the limits of your social circle and meet the fantastic diversity of people that surround you. Introduce yourself to artists, doctors, labourers, accountants, politicians and more, in a comfortable, safe and fun environment.

You're invited to join us for this series of community events, where every smiling face is rich with opportunity. Bring a friend or someone you want to know better! After all, we should know each other.

For more information about the next 'We Should Know Each Other' party, visit our Facebook page or contact Mark Hopkins at mark@swallowabicycle.com or 403.710.0093.

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