i-ROBOT Theatre

an original play inspired by i-ROBOT Poetry by Jason Christie
June 17-25, 2011
Tuesday-Saturday at 8:00 pm
June 19 & 25 at 3:00 pm

Birds and Stone Theatre
204 16th Ave NW
Tickets: $20 adult, $15 student/senior
For info, call 403.698.3088
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This production is not recommended for audiences below the age of 16.

Cast & Crew Bios
i-ROBOT Extras

"It is a poor robot that blames its programming."

Your toaster is lovesick, your iPod refuses to play Nickleback and your garage door is secretly plotting against you. Welcome to i-ROBOT Theatre, where every machine has a personality and the streets swarm with androids, cyborgs, A.I.s and robots!

Jonathan, an up-and-coming roboticist, lives the perfect suburban life with his household robots and beautiful Robo-Wife. But when the rising threat of the electronic Infanta virus invades their home, the delicate balance of human and machine is thrust into chaos.

i-ROBOT Theatre explores a near-future world populated with robots that work, think... and maybe even feel. What happens when the technology we designed to serve us starts demanding its freedom?

Created by a collaborative team of local theatre artists, i-ROBOT Theatre has been in development since September 2009. Inspired by i-ROBOT Poetry, a collection of robot poems by former Calgarian Jason Christie, this is i-ROBOT Theatre's premiere production.

Director: Charles Netto
Producer: Mark Hopkins
Featuring: Mikaela Cochrane, Wil Knoll, Scott Morris, Sylvia Niederberger, Jeffrey Olynek, Jennifer Roberts, Elaine Weryshko, Aislin Winsor

Writers: Natalee Caple, AJ Demers, Mark Hopkins, Charles Netto
Videographer: Travis Dickie
Set & Lighting Designer: Thomas Hall
Sound Designer: Kyle Hinton
Stage Manager: Kelsey Ledbury
Assistant Stage Manager: Gina Power

Marketing Coordinator: Jenna Shummoogum
Ancillary Event Coordinator: Sara Korman
Comic Expo Coordinator: Emiko Muraki

i-ROBOT Theatre Trailer: The Young & The Binary

i-ROBOT Theatre Trailer: The Human Choice

i-ROBOT Poetry by Jason Christie - BookShorts Animated Film

i-ROBOT Illustrations by Kristy Lannan


Poster designed by Gillian Hickie

Audience feedback:

"i-ROBOT Theatre is un-frickin-believeable! Brilliant humour, profoundly moving, cool tech, deep philosophy. See it!"

"Floored. Absolutely floored. A thousand kudos wouldn't be enough. Congrats to all, was worth the wait."

"Incredible! Beautifully acted, moving, witty and creative."

"An intriguing, engaging, fluid, thought-provoking show with kick ass actors."

"An incredibly well-conceived imaginative piece of theatre unlike anything you've seen before."

"It has all the elements that made you love robot stories in the first place."