Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre is dedicated to the creation and presentation of innovative and challenging performance, based in Calgary, Alberta. It was founded by Mark Hopkins and Charles Netto in 2006. Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre is a Calgary-based company that creates and presents new and innovative theatre performances. Swallow-a-Bicycle is known for its work in unconventional spaces, its original theatre creations and its focus on enriching Alberta’s cultural community.

“A playwright lives in an occupied country. He’s the enemy. And if you can’t live like that, you don’t stay. It’s tough. He’s got to be able to take a whack, and he’s got to swallow bicycles and digest them.”
– Arthur Miller, 1915-2005

Swallow-a-Bicycle Team:

Mark Hopkins – Co-Artistic Director
mark@swallowabicycle.com ~ 403.710.0093

Charles Netto – Co-Artistic Director
charles@swallowabicycle.com ~ 403.397.8559

Nathan Huisman – Producer
nathan@swallowabicycle.com ~ 780.217.0836

Administrative Team

David Sklar
Kris Teo
Alicia Ward

Board of Directors:

Andrea Wall – President
Albert Rupps – Treasurer
Dayna Horel – Secretary
Ryan MacLean – Director-at-Large
Jenna Rodgers – Director-at-Large

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